The Game 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game where players play real life scenarios and complete missions to progress through the story. Join our Server to play Grand Theft Auto 5 Metaverse and Earn while playing.

Jobs, Missions & Events

To generate income as a Player, your in-game character needs to complete jobs, missions, and events. Every week we have Events with Prizes to Win [Car racing, Boxing matches, Quiz, Tuning competitions, Deathmatch Gang Fights..] Successfully completed Missions bring extra income or Items. Complete missions with other players to access Your rewards even easier. There are many jobs, both legal and illegal, that characters can participate in. On the white-collar side of things, characters can work as a manager, taxi driver, car mechanic and so on. On the not-so-law abiding side, a character can work as a gang member or car thief, and so on. 

We Are Block2Play

Play Grand Theft Auto 5

on Our Server 2 Earn

NFT Marketplace

On the Marketplace, players can buy Items from the B2P Platform, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. In addition, the players can use NFT items in-game, sell Items to another players for the fixed price, rent or exchange them. Players are able to sell their Account on our Marketplace.

NFT Rent System 
Rent out your NFTs Property, Vehicles, Company ] to Players and get up to 75% Withdrawal Fees i.e. Passive Income.

NFT Company
Start a Business and become a NFT Company Owner to receive monthly B2P Tokens Rewards.


Farming System

Play a Game to Generate Rewards in the form of additional Cryptocurrency and cash it out or Trade for NFT Items. 

Slot Share
Rent out your Slot to Players and get up to 75% Withdrawal Fees i.e. Passive Income.

Affiliate System
Recruit new players via a Referral link and receive a commission of 10% on the first payment of the recruited player.