Block2Play is a tokenized decentralized platform that offers Gamers all over the world a new Gaming experience in the form of a real life roleplay Game, in which every player has the opportunity to Earn different Crypto currency while playing. The first Game is a Grand Theft Auto 5.

We have built a Token that will Reward the Holders automatically.
Block2Play Token (B2P) and the associated NFTs in the game are based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC/BEP20).  


Transaction Fees ( Rewarding Holders )
Each Transaction triggers a 2% Fee which is redistributed to all current Holders in proportion to their current Holdings. Another 4% Fee will be added to the Liquidity Pool or it will be used for Marketing. To Reward Holders we will carry out a Buyback and Burn or Lock of LP tokens by using a percentage of the Profits generated from the Platform.

The Currency in all Block2Play Games is USDT. 

We Are Block2Play

We believe in Individuality, 
Efficiency & Decentralization.


NFT System

On the NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT Items. Rent out your NFTs to Players and get up to 75% Withdrawal Fees or Start a Business and become a NFT Company Owner to receive monthly B2P Tokens Rewards.

Staking System 

Every user of the Block2Play Game Platform has the opportunity to Stake B2P Tokens to get NFT Items and

in-game benefits.

Every B2P Token holder is eligible to receive B2P Tokens which are redistributed from Token Transaction Fees. 

Farming System
Play Game to Generate Rewards in the form of additional Cryptocurrency and cash it out or Trade for NFT Items